FluTracker.org has been developed for the CDC's Flu App Challenge
  • How is the flu season this year
  • How many have already gotten the flu shot
  • When should I get the flu shot
  • Tell friends that you got the flu shot

FluTracker.org service provides a simple, easy-to-view update to users on the level of Flu activity in their state and the estimated cummulative percentage (%) of people in their state that have received the Flu shot from CDC.gov data. 

With this information, the FluTracker.org service helps:

  • Increase user motivation to get a flu shot
  • Remind and better time their flu shot
  • Share their flu shot information to their social circle via Facebook and Twitter to motivate their friends to also get a flu shot

Towards this end, FluTracker.org service has been designed to be made available across multiple platforms and media including:

FluTracker.org website updates flu severity (by state) and vaccination rate (by state and by age group) as CDC.gov makes them available. Currently the information made available is for the 2010-2011 Flu season. Once CDC.gov makes data available for the next Flu Season (2011-2012) it will also be avilable and selectable on FuTracker.org website.

FluTracker.org App for the Android Marketplace Store is available for download.

FluTracker.org is available both as a FaceBook Site and as a FaceBook App. Users can add the FluTracker Facebook App to their account on Facebook to have instantaneous access to Flu information.

FluTracker.org works on iPhones as a mobile website via the iOS Safari browser. Simply click on the Safari logo your iphone and enter the url http://m.flutracker.org and you can experience the full functionality of FluTracker.org on an iPhone.

FluTracker.org works on mobile browsers on all SmartPhones including Android Phones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry Phones, iPhones, HP/Palm WebOS Phones and more. Simply click on the browser logo your phone and enter the url http://m.flutracker.org and you can experience the full functionality of FluTracker.org on a SmartPhone.

FluTracker.org App for the Apple iPhone App Store is in the process of being approved. It will appear on the Marketplace Store shortly.

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